Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Great Victorian Bike Ride - Day 4

Murchison - Nagambie. 69kms.

Overcast morning but not cold. We were on the road by 8am but it wasn't going to be a big day, so had plenty of time to make it to Nagambie. It is very flat around Murchison and very typical dairy country. We rode out to the lovely small town of Tatura where we had our morning break and then back through Murchison before we were really on our way.

We rode mostly beside the Goulburn River, which was flowing very strongly and flooding in some areas, something which hasn't been seen for a long time. Lunch was at the Goulburn Weir and was lovely and relaxing.

Further on down the rode we detoured into the the heritage protected Kirwans bridge. The historic 310m timber bridge has been closed pending funding from the State Government and we all signed the petition to upgrade it and have it reopened.

Just before Nagambie we had to ride on a section of gravel road for 3 kms. We were fine on our mountain bikes, but it was a bit tricky for the road bikes as it was very rough.

Arrived at Nagambie and our camp site was around the lovely Nagambie Lakes. It was a beautiful setting but just as we were getting ourselves organized to have dinner that night, you guessed it more rain ( more like a flood ). It turned our eating facilities into another quagmire but we are getting used it by now, and we just soldiered on.

The entertainment tonight was just fantastic. It was the Legends Live Show impersonating Tom Jones, John Lennon, Micheal Jackson and of course Elvis. We all had a lot of fun before squelching back to our tent.

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