Saturday, July 20, 2013

Christmas Stocking for Nate

It is hard to believe that our gorgeous little grandson is now 9 months old.  He has become a very busy little man, crawling everywhere, walking around the furniture, and at last to the relief of his parents, now three teeth.  He is just such a joy to us.
This is Nate last week getting up close and personal with my Charlie Bear stock, I think he thought it was Christmas time.

As is the Christmas tradition of our family, each family member has a stitched Shepherds Bush stocking stitched by me, including David and myself which now our three children take in turns to fill, which has become another fun aspect to our Christmas celebrations. 

Of course Nate has to have his own, and for the past few months I have been happily stitching up one.  I chose the Reed pattern for Nate, which depicts a Shepherd in lovely shades of blue and grey, highlighted with burgundy and of course featuring a sheep, which are such a hallmark of the Shepherds Bush company. Also sheep are very much part of Nate's Dad's family as Dane was bought up on the family sheep and cattle property in remote N.S.W. I have no doubt that the land will be very much part of Nate's upbringing, as he has had several trips to the family farm already, so the sheep is very poignant.  I haven't quite finished the stocking, but all the stitching is done and I am about to attach the trinkets, which gives the stocking it's individual look, then I will choose the backing fabric and cording and  have it made up.  Once finished I will update here with the finished product, just in time for this Christmas.

Rapt Up have all the Shepherds Bush patterns, kits, materials and threads to have you all stitching your own family heirlooms which our stockings have become.  Shepherds Bush release a new stocking each year, this year it will be a boy stocking.  Expert advice is always on hand, I am more than happy to share my knowledge.  The stockings are easy to stitch as the linen used is quite a large count, and the beautiful overdyed colour threads that Shepherds Bush have chosen, make it a joy to stitch.

Once I have finished this stocking I will be looking for my next project, but I think it will have to be Nate's birth sampler which still hasn't been started.  Something for me to share with you at a later date.

These are two of the latest I have stitched.  David's being Thomas stocking and mine is Anna's stocking.