Monday, July 18, 2011

Wedding Sampler and Charm

Prior to Wade and Crystal's wedding I had been keenly stitching them a wedding Sampler, as a memento of the occasion.

I am a real sentimentalist and it means a lot to me to be able to commemorate wonderful occasions in embroidery. I have stitched many such memento's over the years, whether it has been for wedding anniversaries, birth samplers, to celebrate a christening, and many weddings. But none was more special than stitching for our son.

The wedding sampler was a lovely heart in soft muted colours, offset with intricate stitched borders and finished with a soft vine effect. It also had antique gold embellishments added, of which included a heart shaped charm.

On three sides of the embroidery I added the wording that Wade and Crystal had chosen on their wedding invitations which was "On our wedding day a new life has its start, we will share with each other, our love, our dreams, and our hearts." I then added their names and wedding date.

I chose an antique silver frame to complete the cross stitch.

For Crystal's wedding charm I chose an antique cream raw silk material. I cut out a heart shape, attached a full frill around the entire heart and filled the heart with silk roses, embroidery and bead work. The charm was finished with a long silk ribbon for her arm.

Both pieces of embroidery were appreciated by them both, in fact they were quite emotional about them, which I guess is what stitching with love is all about.