Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Great Victorian Bike Ride - Day 3

Euro to Murchison - 68kms.

Perfect riding conditions today and an easy day after yesterday, which we are all grateful for.

The quiet tree lined country roads are so peaceful and you become very attuned to the sounds around you. Because of all the rain all the frogs are out in force and cockies seem to follow you all the way. You feel so relaxed that you forget
what day it is. I was bought back to earth with a customer phone call, but luckily I have my girls looking after Raptup for me and I was able to get them to sort the order out.

There is a great camaraderie about being on the rode in such a large group. The constant "passing on your right" or just "onya right" which I naively thought they were asking me if I was alright. Although we were passed a lot we also got to use those terms as well.

There were quite a few school groups and they were often found to be singing or chanting. All of this made for lots of fun.

During the morning we had completed over 200kms, so a photo opportunity was imminent, still approx 400 to go.

Longwood was our morning rest area and we made that easily and quickly. Our lunch break was at the Longleat Winery just outside of Murchison. It was a lovely area to have lunch and there was entertainment provided.

From the lunch break we had only 2 kms to our overnight stay at Murchison. Murchison is in the middle of dairy country and this was very apparent with large painted cows throughout the town. Murchison is also on the Goulburn River which was running strongly and not far from flooding with all the rain.

It was very pleasant ride today, no rain whilst riding but you guessed it more rain overnight.

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