Monday, December 20, 2010

The Great Victorian Bike Ride - Day 2

Day 2 Dookie - Euroa - 84kms

Up early and breakfasted and on the rode by 7.30am. I expected to be a bit sore but all OK. The morning was beautiful, on the cool side but no rain so far. Easy ride to Voilet Town although we were confronted with a head wind.

The pretty little town of Voilet town was our first stop and the community were out in force offering morning tea. I have to admit the raisin toast and a cuppa was very welcoming.

We started to climb quite rapidly and the next 25kms was challenging to say the least, especially as we still had the head wind. I soon learnt to use the gears very effectively. The views were spectacular but the screaming thigh muscles occupied too much of my thoughts to take in the view. All in all though, we took a long time to arrive at our lunch break at Strathbogie but we rode the whole 25km uphill, where a lot of our co riders were walking.

After lunch we had a steep 5kms climb, and then a 24kms downhill to Euroa. The downhill was great but quite scary in parts. There were a couple of hairpin bends that weren't easy to negotiate when you are travelling at a speed. There were lots of injuries on this leg, and lots of walking wounded hobbling around the campsite later.
Luckily nobody from our group had any tumbles.

Euroa is a pretty little town and our camp site was on the oval. Because of all the rain and the high river though, we had to be accommodated in two different sections.

After our evening meal we settled in for the evening entertainment which was just wonderful. This evening it was Stephen McEwan and the Yes Men and they were great.

All lights out by 10.30pm though, as we all need out beauty sleep for the next day.

And can you believe it more rain through the night.

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