Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RACV Great Victoria Bike Ride - Day 1

Day 1 Yarrawonga to Dookie - 71 km.

We were up very early and packing up our tents and gear. The Yarrawonga community had several breakfast options which was great and we all appreciated eating a hearty breakfast before our first days ride.

Our luggage was assigned to transport 5 and it remained with the one transport for the entire ride.

For the first day all riders had to start at 9.00am, but all other days you can be on the rode between 6.30am and 9.00am.

The start was great, a sea of riders. It was a bit chaotic at first with so many on the rode at once, but it soon started to spread out as the faster riders sped off. The riding conditions were perfect for the first day, light wind and a bit overcast. The countryside was so green and lush after having so much rain over the past few weeks. It was an easy ride and with only one significant incline before we reached out lunch stop at the Tungamah weir. The significant incline was named Cooper's Hill, and as I was a Cooper, and the fact that Dad had passed away recently, it was a perfect photo opportunity. It was a lovely spot to stop for lunch and the break was well earned.

Back on the road after lunch, smooth riding through small quaint country town like St James and Devenish. As the kilometres passed by the rain clouds started to build and our last half our of riding was in showers, before we arrived at Dookie Agricultural College.

Our forward party ( our fast road bike boys ) already had the tents up, so for us it was just a matter of having a hot shower and then lining up for our evening meal.

The weather continued to deteriorate during the evening when the heavens really opened up and reduced the paddock to a quagmire. Everyone remained cheerful though, we were all in the same boat so no point complaining. It continued to rain all night, thank heavens our tent didn't leak but it cleared and the start the next morning was sunny.

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