Monday, January 3, 2011

The Great Victorian Bike Ride - Day 6

Day 6 Nagambie - Seymour - 101kms.

Up early for our longest days ride. We were all a little concerned as the terrain looked hilly and of course the distance. Our fears were all dismissed though as we rode off under overcast skies and cool conditions. In fact it was a lovely ride, the hills were rolling ones through mainly national parks and it was just lovely.

Our first rest area was the the small community of Graytown and our lunch break was at Heathcote. At Heathcote we decided have our lunch break in the town, and we had our lunch at the award winning Heathcote bakery, it was worth it... yum yum. Between these communites we passed the 300km mark. All around this area is old gold mining country, and as we rode along you could see evidence of old gold diggings.

After lunch the clouds were building, although we didn't think they were going to produce much rain. How wrong we were!! We had just pulled into the roadside reserve where our afternoon rest was and the heavens opened up. It's been a long time since I have seen so much rain in so little time. At least 25+mls of rain with no where to shelter, we just were so drenched, but as sudden as it came it went and we rode our last 30kms into Seymour in fine conditions.

We arrived at Seymour after having to negotiate washed away roads, (due to the downpour) and another soggy campsite. It continuted to rain all through the night.

I think the drought is over.

I am not sure if it had to be while I was on this ride.

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