Monday, January 17, 2011

Front Garden Transformation.

With great excitement all the plants arrived in cupboard boxes ready for me to plant.

And then down came the rain. We had 88ml over a 24hr period, I am sure that it wasn't welcome by all, but it was great for my little patch. It made digging very easy, and in fact at one stage I was out in the weather trying to finish putting in all the plants.

The front garden is a very formal garden, and follows the Paul Bangay's style of garden. All the plants have been chosen for their drought tolerance. Even though we are having a lot of rain at the moment, after coming out of a long drought, and Sunraysia is well known for our long hot summers. I think all gardeners now garden more wisely.

All the borders have a hedge of Japanese Box which when fully grown will be kept clipped at 60cm high x 45cm wide. Inside the borders in the corners are Cypress.

The boundaries boarding both neighbours I have planted Murraya Paniculata, which well be kept clipped at 1200 high by 600cm wide. In the raised garden bed I have chosen white convolvulus which will spill over the brick wall and should look lovely with their grey leaf and white flowers.

On the nature strip, where there would usually be lawn, I have chosen a ground cover of Myoporum Parvifolium. It has compact low growth with small white flowers. It will cover the area very effectively in a short amount of time and is water efficient.

It was a huge effort to plant around 300 plants in a few days, but I just took it slowly and some family and friends gave me a helping hand over the weekend. David has gone back to work, he will really notice a difference when he is home next.

The last task was to complete the watering system, which all the plants are on automatic drippers which are set to come on overnight. I haven't applied mulch yet, but I have it and will do that task over the next few days.

All the garden beds still need a lot more planting, and as the weeks go on I will add some more. There are quite a lot of roses to be included but I will wait for the cooler months and buy them bare rooted. This will also give me time to decide what ones to plant. I have lots of favourites but as this is a much smaller garden that my last, I will have to think carefully before I order them.

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