Monday, September 13, 2010

Still Cycling ...

With only approx 10 weeks to the RACV Great Vic bike ride it is now time to up the training. I have increased my spin classes to two a week and one class of pilates. I am also cycling on the mountain bike two to three times a week, trying to increase the distance with each ride. Friday and Sunday we rode over 20 kms. I think my fitness is improving, but then I ride up a steep incline ( not too many hills around Mildura ) and I know I need a lot more training. We are going to encounter some large hills through the Strathbogie ranges but I am not trying to think about that too much. I am thinking if I can't ride up the hill, I will walk up the hill. The weather has improved greatly over the past week, and it has been very pleasant cycling around the district.

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