Monday, September 20, 2010

From Cross Stitch Class to Sewing Bee

Six weeks ago I started teaching a group of girls to cross stitch. The classes have finished now and the girls have enjoyed it so much, that we have turned it into a sewing bee. Over the course of the classes the girls have been stitching Christmas stocking, several are onto their second stocking, but now we can all please ourselves what we stitch. For me I won't be in the teaching role, and I can sit and stitch along with the others. My stitching love is reproduction samplers ( sampler = reproduction of daily life stemming back to the 1400's) of which I have stitched many over the years, and I have them displayed on the walls in my hallway. My next prioty though is a wedding sampler for my son and future daughter in law. The wedding is in March 2011 so I need to get working on it... but that one will certainly be stitched with love.

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