Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Sons's Wedding in Western Australia

March the 19th 2011 was the date set for our son Wade's wedding to his lovely fiancee Crystal Baker.

Wade has been living in the gorgeous Margaret River area of Western Australia for the past 8 years and it was inevitable that he would meet the love of his life over in the West.

So it was in March that a large contingent of family and friends travelled over to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Most of the guests stayed at the Whalers resort in Dunsborough, which was situated in close proximity to the wedding and reception. It was a lovely atmosphere having so many family and friends in the same place and the celebrations well and truly started well before the wedding.

The wedding day dawned to a beautiful balmy 27 with a light wind. All the boys got ready in our villa and even though it was an emotional day it was wonderful camaraderie between all the boys. Wade is the first one of our children to be married so it was bound to be emotional, especially for me being the Mum.

The wedding service was held in a beautiful garden setting called Chandeliers on Abbey, and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Wade and Crystal had organized 2 buses to transport all guests to the venue and then onto the wedding reception afterwards. This in itself was such fun.

Crystal arrived looking absolutely gorgeous in a cream vintage lace dress. She looked so happy and radiant as she walked up to meet her groom, who was also looking very happy and emotional.

After the ceremony the wedding party went off to have photographs around the Yallingup area, while the guest enjoyed canapes in the garden before we hopped on the bus over to Wills Domain where the reception was held.

Wills Domain is a boutique winery in the Yallingup area that boasts gorgeous views and a reputation of wonderful gourmet food and wine.

The winery certainly upheld its reputation with a wonderful menu that was enjoyed by all. Fabulous music, wonderful food and wine and just a wonderful atmosphere that ensured that a wonderful time was had by all.

Wade and Crystal (Mr and Mrs Leng) partied the night away with all their friends and family before leaving on a honeymoon to Bali.

We certainly haven't lost a son, but what we have gained is a much loved new daughter.

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