Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chaos Rules

After the excitement and the hype of a gift fair,then comes the anticipation of the goods arriving. I have not long returned from attending the February gift fair where I had a wonderful time ordering all manner of stock to add to my already bulging website. As the law of averages go stock started to trickle in then on one day I had so many boxes arrive I could barely see the floor. Strangely enough though as I am standing in my own chaos, I seem to work better under pressure, and by days end all boxes had been unpacked, photographed and started to be entered onto the website. I am excited with all the new products and would love all of my customers to have a look online at all the new stock that has been appearing in all the categories. Some of the products that I am pleased with are a range of gorgeous cot quilts with matching cushions, The D Lux brand of baby blankets and wraps are the best on the market and there are some lovely designs amongst those. Some very clever handbag/wallets, which I can't stop talking about. They are genuine leather, small in size but hold everything that you need. I just love mine. Kate Finn dolls are just gorgeous and the Charlie Bears are to die for. This is just a small sample of new stock so best to check out all the categories at For all my Sunraysia customers, I am preparing for my twice yearly open day to display all the new stock. Details are on the website and all email customers will now have received their invitations. My open days are always wonderful, I really enjoy catching up with a lot of my old customers that would come into the retail shop on a regular basis, and it's lovely to be able to display all the wonderful new stock.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Time Fly's...again

I can't believe that is was March last year when I last updated my blog. Personally it has been a wonderful year. We have become grandparents for the first time, to a gorgeous little grandson Nate. Everyone can wax lyrical about the joys of grandparent hood but till you experience it, you then know what all other grandparents are talking about. He is now five months now and he is such a joy. We feel so blessed that he lives near us and that we are so much part of his life. Through this blog I will update his progress as he grows.